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пожалуйста кто сделает балы перешлюУпр. 27 Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice. They did not invite her to the party. I did

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помогите пожалуйста))) кто сделает балы перешлю)
Упр. 272. Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice.

1.They did not invite her to the party. 2. I did not leave the window
open. 3. They did not turn off the light. 4. I have invited some friends
to tea 5. She has given me an English book. 6. Have you written the
letter yet? 7. They have told us a lot о S interesting things. 8. The
students have written the test-paper without mistakes. 9. The children
have scattered about a lot of things. 10. The girl has put all the books
into the bookcase. 11. Snov, will cover the fields in winter. 12. They
will hand in the homework tomorrow. 13. I don’t think we shall finish
all the preparations today. 14. She al ways invites me to her dinner
parties. 15. Shot showed me the dress which her daughter had made
16. We discussed the matter some days ago.

  • 1) She was not invited to the party by them. 2) The window was not left opened by me. 3) The light was not turned off by them. 4) My friends have been invited to tea by me. 5) English book has been given me by her. 6) Has the letter been written yet? 7) A lot of interesting things have been told us by them. 8) The test-paper has been written without mistakes by the students. 9) A lot of things have been scattered by the children. 10) All the books have been put into the book case by the girl. 11) The fields will be covered by snow in winter. 13) All the preparations will not be finished by us today. 14) I am always invited to the dinner parties by her. 15) Shot showed me the dress had been made by her daughter.

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