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Мій вільний час

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мій вільний час

  • I like weekends very much. During these two days I have some free
    time, that I can spend with my family and friends. Let me tell you how I usually spend this time. I prefer to spend
    Saturdays with my friends — Irina and Marina. We usually go to the movies. Nest weekend we are
    planning to go to the movies to see the new
    movie «Stalingrad» by Fedor Bondarchuk. After the movie we usually go to play
    bowling. I am not very good at it, but i’m learning. After bowling we go to pizzeria or cafe. Every Sunday I spend with my family. Me, my parents and grandparents  gather together in the morning. We go to the church. After this we have a family dinner, where we discuss all our problems and future plans. 

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